Pure Angel Snack Bar

Since 2015

Since going public in 2015, Pure Angel has transformed into a leading hospitality holding company.

Pure Angel

The company has enjoyed substantial success investing in tourism and hospitality firms serving the uppermost market tiers, particularly with the acquisition of Olive Restaurant.

The company begun in 2015 aiming towards the clothing and jewelry markets in the area of Sveti Stefan. As time passed it was extended to the management of restaurants and catering shops, as well as bakery and confectionery. 

In 2016, Pure Angel has already taken management of Olive Restaurant, one of the most important and historical restaurants of Montenegro due to its position in the complex of Sveti Stefan.

Goal of the company is the extension to the distribution of frozen products for bakery and confectionery, as well as general representation of healthy and dynamic firms from abroad in every aspect of trading business.

We started our journey in the year 2015

and we have already managed to establish

a successful foothold in Montenegro.